Meet the nomads


Cortney Brown  | Partner + Senior Marketing Strategist

Cortney Brown | Partner + Senior Marketing Strategist

My name is Cortney Brown and I am a passionate Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, trained graphic designer, amateur photographer and fly fisherman. I grew up in Encinitas, California, surfing, exploring the coastline and eating tons of burritos.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University as well as a Management Certificate in Graphic Design from Emily Carr/ BCIT. I have traveled far and wide in the name of art, spending a summer in Greece studying ceramics and life drawing and a year in Spain studying international business and Spanish.

Following design school, I landed a job as a large format graphic production coordinator in Vancouver, B.C. and was soon managing the company's entire graphic department.

After three adventurous years and some incredible and iconic BC projects I decided to spread my entrepreneurial wings and share my love of fly fishing with the world.

I started Trout Country Fishing Guides in Whistler, B.C. with my partner where we continue to find success educating visitors about our local fishery while presenting flies to wild trout. It was through my love of owning and running a small business that I gravitated towards business development and I have currently branched out to manage digital marketing for a variety of companies in the US and Canada.

I can currently be found living as a digital nomad near the Grand Tetons of Jackson Hole, Wyoming or on the beautiful beaches of Baja California, Mexico eating tacos, snorkelling and hiking with my Rottweiler, Ruca.

I look forward to many more adventures in the digital marketing world, chasing big fish and enjoying the peace and clarity of mind that the water brings. 

Daniel Vroon  | Partner + Senior Sales Strategist

Daniel Vroon | Partner + Senior Sales Strategist

Hi! I’m Dan Vroon. I grew up throughout Canada (BC, Alberta and Ontario), and I studied English Literature in university. I really wanted to study business, but I was told that my rudimentary comprehension of math skills would end in tragedy, so English Literature it was.

I went to Seoul, Korea in 2000 for my best friend’s wedding and didn’t end up leaving for 16 years! I saw a lot of opportunity there for a hustler like me, so I decided to hang up my shingle. And indeed, I found a lot of amazing opportunities there: I taught English, became an acclaimed voice actor for animations, video games, and movie voice-overs, co-authored 14 English textbooks for the Korean educational market, and became a sought-after communications consultant.

It was around this time that I started to dabble in my secret passion of marketing, and found it endlessly rewarding. I decided to pursue my MBA in marketing, graduating in 2009 from Sejong-Syracuse School of Management in Seoul.

After obtaining my MBA, I took one of my “theoretical projects” from grad school and decided to make it a reality. I found some investors, partnered with a local brewery, and opened what was to be the first of many Craftworks craft beer-focused restaurants in Korea.

I was proud to have built it - literally from the ground up - to become the most popular craft beer chain South Korea had ever seen.

I sold my shares to my investors in 2015 and returned to Canada, where I took what I had learned in Korea and expanded on it, opening a consulting firm to help Western companies market effectively to Asian markets and devouring everything I could on marketing in the digital realm.

In 2019 I partnered with design and marketing guru Cortney and we formed Nomad Strategic Marketing, melding together our years of experience to help a hand-picked cadre of clients take their businesses to the next level of success.

I settled in the Vancouver area due to its amazing climate and spectacular scenery. When I’m not working I can be found on local golf courses or exploring the natural wonders of the Vancouver area.