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Finding a website design company in San Diego is easy. Finding a website design company in San Diego that at least meets your expectations may be more of a challenge than you realize. Every day, more and more people are choosing Nomad Strategic Marketing to design their websites for them because we provide top-of-the-line website designs at the lowest price of any premium website design agency in town.

Nomad Strategic Marketing is a website design company in San Diego that follows the seven real-world steps to a beautiful, functional website design every time. What are these steps that we're referring to?

1. Define Your Project

The first thing we do is to work closely with our clients to understand what their goals are relating to their website design projects. For instance, some of our clients merely want a website to showcase their portfolio to the world. Others might be selling an info product, such as a crash course or an ebook. Still, others might be creating affiliate websites.

Defining your intended use for your website will help us to define your audience, and we will design your website with your goals and your audience in mind at every step.

2. Plan Your Content Carefully

In modern website design, the use of text, images, videos, and icons is standard. Still, planning the visual hierarchy of your content is crucial to user experience. For larger projects, we will start by defining the site structure, including how we will use the navigation bar and sidebar in your website design.

3. Sketch Ideas for the Design

This is where our designers get inspired about your project. We'll work with you to extract all of the ideas that you have for your design out of your head onto paper. We'll add our two cents where it is most valuable. Nomad Strategic Marketing never starts a website design project without having a clear idea of what we are going to build.

4. Design and Develop Your Website

After sketching and planning your website's design, we will use HTML and CSS to design it in the browser. We'll use all of our sketches, your content, and planning that we created in the previous three steps here.

5. Optimization

You probably want your website to load fast and get found in the search engines. Right? No need to worry about this part of the web design process! Nomad Strategic Marketing will optimize your website design for SEO and load speed.

6. Launce the Masterpiece

We will develop and design your site using a local host. All we will need to launch your website is a web server that will host your website and deliver it to the world.

7. Site Maintenance

We'll offer you a monthly maintenance plan after your website is finished to make sure we update content regularly, monitor user behavior, and make changes as needed.

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Nomad Strategic Marketing is the premier website design company in San Diego. Let us apply these seven real-world steps to your website design project to give you results that exceed your hopes and expectations.